Welcome to JNY Interior Design

Founded in 2008, JNY Interior Design is a company that has passion in interior design with providing many kinds of service and giving a solution for design problems. We provide the highest quality of interior design services for residential and commercial projects.

“Create your own Lifestyle”

Style to suit you..

We work to create interiors that represent your chatacter and lifestyle to ensure the end result is functional as well as beautiful.

“We are your Solution”

The basic concept of this business is a business that’s a forum for people to devote their problems and needs of interior. Appropriate with our tagline “We are your Solution”, JNY Interior Design gives maximal services with all in one concept.

Our aims is to give satisfication and provide solutions with a good concept and good interaction between designer, customer, and experts in every process.


In essence, JNY Interior Design will help to solve your problems about interior. Work with heart and passion is our characteristic. For an exciting and rewarding journey together into the world of interiors please contact the JNY Interior  team to organize your initial consultation.

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